The following are answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and a detailed outline of the process involved in having an ACTOR get a Sizzling Reel made. If you’re a company or individual seeking other kinds of production, writing or editing services, you may contact me with your questions and receive a direct reply with how Sizzling Reels can have your needs met.


How long should a reel be?

Never more than 3 minutes. 1 minute - 2 minutes is a good range.


What if I’m an actor that feels I don’t have enough material for a reel?

I’ve had actors come in with 20 different works, and others come in with 2 or 3. You’d be surprised what can be accomplished with little when coming to someone with a genuine eye for editing, storytelling, and picking out just the right moments.


Do you provide production services for the actor if there’s material I’d like to shoot and incorporate, or create a reel from scratch?

I do provide this service as well depending on what the actor wants to shoot, and what my current schedule is.


There’s material I’ve acted in I’ve been waiting to get back for a while now that I might like to use. Any suggestions? Should I wait?

Lots of filmmakers (student filmmakers especially) sometimes take for granted how valuable it is for an actor to have material back that they’ve done, and it often falls very low on their to-do list. I would suggest being professional, yet persistent about wanting to get your material. You put in work, so don’t be shy. Ask for timelines. Often enough when a filmmaker is urged to put a due date on it, it requires them to step up their game and work to meet the timeframe.

If you have some material that can be used - don’t wait until you feel you have everything possible to get your reel done. Opportunities occur everyday, and it isn’t beneficial for you to not be equipped, and possibly miss out because of anyone else’s tardiness. Returning clients can always update later for discounted rates. Better to have something now.


What are your rates?

Rates vary depending on the specific job. Send an email detailing exactly what you would like to have done, and you’ll receive a quote.


What if I want to update and/or place new material in later?

As written above, returning clients always have the option to update their reels at great rates, priced according to how much they would like to add/change. I’ve had clients come back for years and use Sizzling Reels as their go-to place because of the quality, pricing and care they consistently receive.


How do we make it happen?

(The following describes Sizzling Reels’ process in making a reel out of content an actor already has. For other production, writing, shooting or editing services the process is different and dependent on what is to be done. For that kind of work, simply email me with specifics on what you would like to achieve, and you will receive a reply with how we can proceed.)

STEP 1: First email me at SynchronicMedia@Gmail.com to let me know what you’d like to get done, and how many items (short films, features, web series, TV clips etc...) there would be to sort through and possibly pull from, so you can receive your quote. 

STEP 2: Then, if you’re an actor based in New York (or can get here) we schedule a meeting. If you’re not in New York or if it’s easier for you to have your reel made remotely, we can do that as well (see question 8).

STEP 3: At our meet, you bring me the material you’d possibly like to pull from (either as DVDs, MOV files or online links I can download). I also ask that you come with a list of three songs you connect with, and a time-coded list of any particular moments in your material you might want to use if any. For example: “Right before I walk away after the fight @ 4:15 - 5:05”. I may or may not use exact items from these lists. Most often they serve as a useful springboard. Do not be concerned if you are uncertain and can’t list what moments you’d like to possibly use. It’s part of my job to sort through EVERYTHING, and put together your best moments in the most effective way.

STEP 4: We will spend some time going over your material. Then I come up with ideas and a style for your reel based on your specific sensibilities.

STEP 5: I get paid half in advance, am left with the material and then get to work.

STEP 6: You’ll be contacted (usually within a week) to come back for a screening of your reel or receive a DEMO stamped copy of it online if we’re working remotely. 

STEP 7: Upon your final approval, I am paid the second half, and you receive an MOV file of your reel you can download and then upload anywhere on the internet. You can also receive a hardcopy DVD of your reel as well as the MOV link if we’re working in person.


What if I’m an actor NOT based in New York or want to have my reel made remotely?

The same overall process described above applies, only instead of meeting in person all correspondence, review of materials and payments are done via the internet and “snail mail” (though it is recommended to always send copies and not the one and only originals if mailing hardcopy material).


I have some footage on VHS, can I use that?

Yes. If we were in 1991. (Kidding!). I honestly stay away from dealing with VHS materials as that is an outdated format that will rarely match the picture quality of the rest of your reel.


How long will it take from the initial meet/contact for me to have my reel?

A couple of business days to two weeks at most.


How do you accept payment?

I accept payments in cash, or via credit or debit cards through PayPal or Chase QuickPay.

No matter the method of payment, you will always be provided a receipt for your records.


Should I have different kinds of reels?

If you have enough material, a separate reel for drama and one for comedy is great. If not, a well crafted single acting reel that incorporates elements of both comedy and drama is perfectly effective. However, commercials should always be made into a commercial reel, and not be included in your acting reel(s).