“I would only offer a service I believe in, and would use myself. I can objectively state that nobody else brings the same thoughtfulness, and cinematic sensibilities to a reel like I do. I’ve booked many acting jobs with my reels. The response to my reels from industry and the public has been stellar, and is greatly appreciated.”  Jonathan Castro


With so many hats, I’m proud to be growing into an independent trailblazer in the industry. I’m constantly acting in film, television and commercials. When I’m not performing or making reels, I can be found running Synchronic Productions, and producing various projects of my own.

“Jonathan really paid attention, and listened to what I was looking for. He has a great eye, and a creative way of putting together an actor’s best parts. I have gotten great responses, and definitely recommend Sizzling Reels to all actors.” Julie Kilzer



Julie consistently books leading roles in feature films in the states and abroad.

“If you’re looking for a great reel, look no further. Jonathan has tremendous vision when it comes to putting his unique spin on the actor’s calling card.  He has taken the ordinary reels, and added a whole new level of vibrancy, action and most of all- fun. His personal service is second to none, and he isn’t finished until you are both happy with the finished product. I’m very proud of my Sizzling Reel, and you will be with yours too.” Bobby Kruger



Bobby is a recurring client who has used his Sizzling Reels to help land him an agent, and recently booked roles in the ABC television show The Slap, and a feature film with Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster.

“Jonathan at Sizzling Reels is amazing! He has a great eye, and knows exactly what casting is looking for. He highlights your strengths, and truly honors who you are as an actor. Jonathan is efficient, professional, and such a pleasure to work with.”



Jessica is taking her experience in performance and dance, and is now making moves in the acting world. Her dedication, combined with a reel to showcase some of her abilities, helps her book.